Wednesday, 11 September 2013

University of Surrey Management School lecture theatre

Today I finally saw inside the Management School lecture theatre. Remember the one? The theatre that the university offered to OFU in place of LT-G but which was turned down, without consultation, by USSU on our behalf? Yes, that one.

It's nice. I think we'd have been very lucky to have it and we'd have been happy there.

It's spacious and comfortable. It has three digital projectors although not mounted in a way that would lend itself to a hacked, twenty-first century facsimile  of a Cinerama screen.

The two side projectors are ceiling-mounted with their own retractable screens. The central Christie projector lives inside a small booth. It projects straight onto the front wall of the theatre. The image size is limited by six grills in the wall which are presumably for front centre and stereo sound. The theatre is  generously equipped with surround speakers. There is also a small theatre-style lighting rig.

In all, I'm quite impressed. There would be issues for the busiest film showings with patrons sitting in the front wings but we had the same problem of sight lines in LT-G; it's designed as a lecture theatre primarily, after all.

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