Friday, 8 September 2006

Where's my film society gone?

Dear University Of Surrey student,

Welcome to the new term. If you've found this page, you're probably looking for Oscar Film Unit. Did you find our profile on the Student Union website? Did you spot the bit in the university prospectus about how Oscar Film Unit "shows films for the whole university community" and come looking for us?

I'm sorry to say, we're not Oscar Film Unit. No! Wait! Don't go yet! Let me at least explain.

Oscar Film Unit (aka OFU, pronounced "off-yew") was the film society and it was the campus cinema. Apart from one-off special events, OFU hasn't shown a film at Surrey since 2001 and hasn't made a film since 2003.

This site exists to promote both these aspects of the society and to enable we graduates to tut about how great it was back in our day. One of the main aims of this, apart from to be really irritating, is to encourage you, the current student to get involved. Do you think it's bizarre that a university the size of Surrey has no active film society? Well, get off your behind and organise it. Go on. Go now. The Union, contrary to popular belief, is waiting, right now, for you to volunteer.

Drop us an email and we'll even help you out in any way you can. (But beware of advice that starts, "It was better in our day because...")