Thursday, 4 October 2007

OFU is now on Facebook

Oscar Film Unit now has its very own alumni group on Facebook, courtesy of Andy Ga. It's closed membership at the moment, so send Andy a message or poke him until he lets you join. Includes photos, the odd video (when we get around to uploading them), and of course intellgent witty banter about splicing reels in the wrong order and amputating limbs using the rewind table.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Oscar Film Unit Christmas 2007 get-together?

It's been two years since the last OFU Christmas get-together, which was very enjoyable and rather successful (though I do say so myself). Is anybody interested in a follow-up this year? I'm proposing 8th December, probably in London. As before, because people may be travelling from far and wide, I suggest a lunchtime shindig, but people can stay all afternoon / evening if they want.

Any thoughts? Or are we all beyond this kind of thing now?
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