Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Things ain't what they used to G

Andy Ga., Dave T. and I took the opportunity to have a peek inside LT-G during the recent alumni event. We were delighted to find that we were as adept at moving about it in pitch darkness as we were a decade ago.

The theatre has been completely refurbished in the last few years. The projection booth has been removed entirely, leaving room for a new row of seats on a slight platform. The seats had been re-upholstered, but were the same. The twin OHP screens and our wind-down Cinemascope screen have both been removed and replaced by a fixed, widescreen-ratio digital projection screen. The theatre lighting has also been replaced - no more spotlights at the front.

Overall, it felt clean and fresh, if a bit charmless. Actually, it probably always was a bit charmless, but one tends to grow fond of a place in which one spends unhealthy amounts of leisure time.

Update: Apparently we were caught on camera a few minutes later, amusing ourselves in the Students' Union.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Surrey Alumni Day

The University of Surrey is holding their inaugural Alumni Day on Saturday 14th July 2012.

Former OFU-er Jayne suggests an informal film society delegation to this event, presumably retiring for a £3.55 "crazy steak" afterwards. (Steak meals with all the trimmings are still £3.55, right?)

Update:  Apparently I wasn't even close with that price estimate.

Update: We're definitely going ahead with around a dozen of us expected on Saturday evening. I'll be booking a table somewhere nice (not the KH, although MSD tells me that has significantly improved recently). If you haven't already contacted me to reserve a place, please do so now!