Saturday, 18 February 2006

OFU films available for streaming

Have you been wondering exactly why it is that we're issuing OFU DVDs, but haven't got around to putting any films on the Interweb yet?

So have we. In fact, we've become so attached to the idea that we've launched a new Web Cinema - the WebPlex - for that very reason.

OFU's films will appear, bit-by-bit, in its very own dedicated "screen" at The first film, Kidnap!, is available for streaming right now in Windows Media or RealMedia formats.

Update: Also available (in Windows Media format only): Rag '69, Under Construction and The Famous OFU Sex Film.

Update: The streaming problem for Firefox users has been resolved.

Update: Now also available: Rag '67, in full Kodachrome(TM) colour!