Monday, 5 December 2005

50th Anniversary DVD released

It's taken us a while, but we've finally made it: the first DVD of films from OFU's archive. We've called it the Gold Anthology, in celebration of the golden anniversary of OFU's earliest documented film.

Highlights of the DVD include:

  • Rag '67 (Battersea)
  • Rag '69 (Guildford)
  • The Famous OFU Sex Film
  • Peter The Cow
  • Jaws In The Library

Are you an ex-OFUer? We'd be delighted to send you a copy of the DVD. With more than a dozen films spanning the last four decades, it's sure to evoke a great sense of nostalgia. All we ask in return is that you write to us (via email, or leave a message here on the Blog) with your memories of your time in the society. Don't forget to include your postal address so that we can send you your DVD.

andy at ofu dot org dot uk

david at ofu dot org dot uk

Problems with your DVD? The DVD is in DVD-R format. If you require a disc in DVD+R format, simply return the old disc to wherever you obtained it for a replacement. Also, on some television sets, the DVD menu buttons may be off the edge of the screen. There will be a modified disc available in the new year to fix this problem - again, if you would like a copy, simply return your old disc for a replacement.