Friday, 12 December 2008

University of Surrey has new film society

The University and Students' Union have collaborated to do something truly unexpected: after a gap of seven years, they've started showing films in a theatre environment once more.

It's not called OFU, and it's not called Surrey Student Cinema either (don't blame them, really): it's The Shadowrooms. There's not a huge amount of information available, but it appears to be high-definition projection, so no late nights looking for lost splices or any of that other really fun stuff. They also appear to have ruled out popcorn, which is probably a good thing. And their selection of films isn't too shabby, either, although I might be a little critical of Cliffhanger amongst an otherwise thoughtful programme.

Their website doesn't give a time or place for the showing, possibly because of film society regulations, or possibly just by oversight. However, I've seen an internal flyer for the launch event, and it's in a comfortable large theatre on Thursday evenings.

I would love to receive any comments from punters at this week's showing. How busy was it? What was the AV quality like? Was audience feedback generally good?

This news follows on from USSU's recent launch of a new student media hub which might conceivably also see a return to filmmaking at Surrey.

Edit: Good grief, they are even showing films in 3D. Is there no end to this crazy burst of creativity from USSU?

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